Jay Herrick, REALTOR®

What does Jay bring to your kitchen table?

Jay focuses on establishing trust with clients. His approach hinges on the understanding that if he is helping someone buy a home, one day, he will hopefully be tasked with selling that same home. Jay is masterful at protecting the value of that purchase and providing quality advice, ensuring his clients feel great about their decision. He is solutions-oriented, and clients like him – which is why over 80% of Jay’s business comes from repeat and referred clients.  

The one thing:
  • Jay has a natural business sense and wealth of experience. He will protect the value of the sale or purchase of your home – always.  

Kristy Herrick, Marketing Director

What does Kristy bring to your kitchen table?

Kristy’s experience in real estate and communications is a unique pairing. She is a die-hard consumer of residential real estate with building, renovating, investing and designing all on her list of credentials. What sets Kristy apart is over a decade of hands-on work as a brander and marketer for some of the biggest brands in western Canada. This experience means that Herrick Group clients get an elevated marketing experience for their property—understanding that finding customers where they live – online – and engaging with them is critical to real estate sales success.

From how your home presents to the world to how our team gets the attention of potential buyers online, our marketing strategies are well thought out, intentional and effective.

The one thing:
  • Kristy is a marketing pro with a lot of real estate experience. Understanding how to engage people is what she does best.